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We Must Hate Evil


Psalm 97: 10

Ye that love the LORD hate evil: he preserved the souls of his saints; he delivered them out of the hand of the wicked.

What of Today’s Verse…

Hate — what a bold and powerful word. We must not hate people. We must hate evil. It is a tough combination to pull off, but vital. Evil is here because of the Evil One — the champion of hate, lies, and death. So when evil rears its ugly head, let us be courageous and oppose Satan and his work. In the process, let us pray for those trapped in its tentacles, even if they consider us enemies.

Let Us Pray:

Almighty God, make my heart pained by the evil in my world. Give me a holy revulsion to things opposed to your will and character. Yet Father, just as You redeemed me by grace, and rescued me while a captive to sin, give me courage to care about those who are in the Evil One’s embrace. Through my Saviour, I pray. Amen.

Words of Wisdom

There was not much sleep that night for this loyal heart with the spring of day he was where, probably, Lot, years before, had looked on the face of the country, and beheld it as a garden of the Lord. But how great the contrast! The smoke of the land went up as the smoke of a furnace!

Have a place where you stand before God. It may not always be to speak to Him, but to be spoken to, to be judged, to have the motives and intentions of the heart winnowed and sifted. Well is it to stand each day before the judgment-seat of Christ, and to receive His verdict on our innermost life. Oh that the grass of that trysting-place may be well worn through our frequent intercourse with our beloved Lord!

Follow up your prayers. – Abraham was not content with shooting arrows into the air; he followed them to see how they sped, and where they fell. We do not need to reiterate our petitions with unbelieving monotony, as though they were not safe in God’s keeping; but we should remind Him by our upward look that our expectation is from Him.

View the fate of the ungodly from God’s standpoint. – We are apt to consider it from that of our own pity, or commiseration, or tolerance of shortcoming. We judge lightly, because we dread too searching a judgment on ourselves. But we need sometimes to see sin as God sees it. Stand on Calvary and learn what sin is, and how much it has cost the Saviour. There, too, you will learn that God goes further than His servants’ prayers. Though He may not be able to discover the ten, yet He will deliver the one righteous man. “His countenance doth behold the upright.”

Abraham got up early to the place where he stood before the Lord, and looked. Genesis 19:27


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